FOR S.Y. 2024-2025

Las Piñas Montessori School is the first school in the South which offers a Regular and Special Program for children ranging from 3 to 22 years of age.  Our Home Study Program or Home Schooling Program is an Alternative Delivery Mode designed to cater to children’s special needs and unique requirements such as health conditions, family situations, bullying, and other difficult circumstances that need more parental support and supervision.  It does not strictly follow requirements in a regular classroom setting but it follows the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum in terms of learning content. 

We support the thrust of the Department of Education in Education for All  by offering Regular Program for students in the Preschool to Elementary level and Special Education Program for Preschool to High School level.  As a non-traditional school, we recognize the different learning styles of students and match the delivery of instructions in order to make learning fun and effective.  We recognize the sensitive periods of learning, the absorbent minds of children and the use of didactic materials to make the acquisition of concepts and skills effortless.  We provide equal education opportunity to all students regardless of their condition.  Thus, the Special Education Unit of the school addresses the needs of the students who are gifted, learning disabled, and mentally challenged.  We recognize the potentials of the students, and we develop and challenge them to their fullest.  


We envision our students to be academically competent, loving, adaptable and with strong sense of service to others.


We are a non-traditional, inclusive school transforming children the Montessori way.  We achieve this further by fostering the four core values of Love, Patience, Mastery and Selflessness.

25 Gumamela st, cor Dama De Noche St, Las Pinas, 1770 Metro Manila, Philippines

Email: admission@lpms.edu.ph

Telephone: 8846-2399 & 8526-8324 

Cellphone: (0939) 9281972